Market Research Assignment Help : Marketing Topic ” Dr pepper “

Market Research Assignment Help : Marketing Topic ” Dr pepper “

Market Research Assignment Help : Marketing Topic ” Dr pepper “

Market Research Assignment Help

I want you to write “CURRENT MARKETING TOPIC” about this product “ Dr Pepper” it is kind of

research about this product.

I also attached file about product “Sprite “I want to follow the idea and the way

that been used in this research and ably it my research.

So first part:

is introduction about Dr Pepper like history some numbers about this products .

Second part :

5 marketing strategies used: I will give you 6 strategies and you choose just 5.

You can talk about what is this strategy and write about pros and cons

1- TV Advertising.

2- Radio Advertising.

3- Billboard

4- Magazine Advertising

5- Changing the can

6- Dr Pepper

Third part :

Just list five recommended marketing strategies (just list them) :like

1- social media

2- vedio game




By this it is the end of the first research (CURRENT MARKETING TOPIC 1 )

After that I will submit the papers to see the feedback and the I will let you

complete by writing about these 5 recommended marketing strategies


Dr. Pepper

Name of the Student



Name of the Professor

Dr Pepper

Summary of Relevant Company and Product/Service Information

Some products become historical because they indeed have a history of their own. In the

United States, one of the oldest manufacturers of soft drink concentrates and syrups is the Dr

Pepper Snapple Group. Dr Pepper was created in 1885 and it soon became the unique flavor of

America. The manufacturing began in Central Texas town of Waco. The drink was invented by

Charles Alderton, a young pharmacist who was working at the Morrison’s Drug Store at Waco.

Alderton enjoyed the smell of the different fruity smells at the drug store and he kept on

experimenting to prepare a drink that had the typical fruit taste and was a mixture of his favorite

fruit syrups. Finally, he was able to prepare a fruit drink that was according to his liking and he

gave this drink to his store owner, who also appreciated the taste. Before offering the drink to the

fountain customers where he worked in the spare time, he and Morrison tested the drink again

and again till it was finally ready to serve the customers. The customers also appreciated the taste

and soon the drink was being ordered by most of the customers, which was called a “Waco” in

The exact story of the drink being named “Dr. Pepper” is not known, but there is no

doubt that gradually the drink started to become famous. Alderton was more interested in his

pharmacy rather than the business of selling his drink, so Morrison and Robert S. Lazenby, a

beverage chemist took the task of developing the drink and taking it to a higher level. Artesian

Mfg. & Bottling Company was formed by Morrison and Lazenby in 1891 and this company later

became Dr. Pepper Company, which was later shifted to Dallas from Waco in 1923.

A major breakthrough for the drink was the 1904 World’s Fair when Lazenby and

O’Hara, Lazenby’s son-in-law introduced the drink to around 20 million people who attended the

World’s Fair Exposition in 1904 in St. Louis. This grand publicity brought Dr. Peppers to an

altogether different level of fame. The beverage became famous as the “King of Beverages”,

“Old Doc” from 1910 to 1914. In the 1920s and 1930s, the trademark of the drink was “…a

typical country doctor character with monocle and top hat” (History of Dr. Pepper, 2007).

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