Marketing Strategies Research Paper Writing Help

Marketing Strategies Research Paper Writing Help

Marketing Strategies Research Paper Writing Help

Marketing Strategies Research Paper Writing Help

In general, each graduate student will: (1) Locate recently published articles that discuss marketing

strategies relative to one or more of the 4 Ps that a company currently uses for one of its products (or

services); (2) Evaluate the appropriateness (i.e., pros and cons) of each current marketing strategy; (3)

Recommend marketing strategies the company should adopt, and justify these suggestions; and (4)

Prepare a detailed implementation plan for each recommended marketing strategy.

Company and product (or service) selection will be on a "first come, first serve" basis. That is, once a

particular firm and product (or service) have been selected, they can not be selected again by another

graduate student. Company and product (or service) selection are subject to instructor approval.

Articles chosen may come from any secondary source, including company websites, trade

publications (e.g., Advertising Age), professional and/or academic journals (e.g., Journal of Marketing),

professional magazines and newspapers (e.g., Business Week and Wall Street Journal), government

publications, etc. These articles should have been published within the past two or three years.

Personal interviews of relevant executives of the firm are also acceptable sources of information.

As a means for facilitating the timely preparation and completion of the CMT, this assignment

will be divided into two individual papers--Paper # 1; and Paper # 2. In preparing these papers,

the graduate student should follow this outline: (percentage weight/importance of each section of

each paper is indicated in parentheses)

Summary of Relevant Company and Product/Service Information (20%)

Identification and Evaluation of Five Marketing Strategies Currently Used (60%)

A. What five specific marketing strategies does the company currently use?

B. Evaluate the appropriateness (i.e., pros and cons) of each marketing

strategy currently used.

# 1

Five Recommended Marketing Strategies

A. What five specific marketing strategies would you recommend the

company adopt? (20%)

1. NOTE: While “hire a Marketing consultant”, “conduct Marketing

research”, etc. are viable recommendations in the real world, these

suggestions will NOT be accepted in this course.


B. Why? Justify each recommended marketing strategy (25%).

C. Provide details of each recommended marketing strategy. For example, if

“Advertise on TV” is recommended, what would be the purpose of the

advertising (e.g., inform)? Who would be the target market? What type

of advertising would be used (e.g., direct competitive)? Etc. (25%)

Implementation of Five Recommended Marketing Strategies (50%)

A. How would you specifically implement each of these marketing strategies?

1. Provide details of the implementation of each recommended

# 2 marketing strategy. For example, continuing

the “Advertise on TV” recommendation from III.C., what would be the

nature of the advertisement itself? What would be the specific

contents of this ad? What percentage of the total promotion budget

would be allocated to TV advertising? What TV channels would be

used? On what TV shows would the ad appear? What days of the week

and hours of the day would the ad air? How frequently would the ad be

shown each month in a year’s time? In what geographical areas would

the ad be aired (e.g., Midwest)? What states and cities within the

Midwest? Etc.

i. For a sample media schedule, see “Resources” in Oncourse.

It is acceptable to make an assumption or two, if necessary, in order to adequately complete one of the

papers in the CMT assignment. But, this (these) assumption(s) must be relevant as well as stated within

the text of the corresponding paper.

There is no minimum or maximum length for each paper of the CMT assignment. Each paper must be

typewritten, double-spaced, on only one side of 8 ½” by 11” paper, use 1” margins all around, and be

free of grammatical and spelling errors. Two copies of each paper are required--one copy will be

evaluated and returned while the second copy will be retained by the instructor.

If the graduate student wishes, he/she may revise Paper # 1 taking into account the instructor’s

comments and suggestions for improvement. Two copies of the “revised” Paper # 1 will be due two

weeks following return of the original evaluated Paper # 1. However, revisions of Paper # 2 will NOT be


For purposes of this CMT assignment, the class will be divided into two cohorts of about equal size. On

10/6/15, each member of Cohort # 1 will submit two copies of his/her own individual CMT Paper # 1 to

the instructor for evaluation. On 10/13/15, each member of Cohort # 2 will submit two copies of his/her

own individual CMT Paper # 1 to the instructor. On 11/17/15, two copies of CMT Paper # 2 will be due

from each member of Cohort # 1 as well as a class presentation followed by a Q&A period. On 12/1/15,

two copies of CMT Paper # 2 will be due from each member of Cohort # 2 as well as a class presentation

followed by a Q&A period.

In general, each paper of the CMT assignment will be evaluated on the basis of quality and thoroughness

of analysis; logical reasoning; organization; use of appropriate marketing and marketing strategy

planning topics, concepts, and terms from the textbook; quality and relevancy of outside information

used; quality and thoroughness of conclusions; and quality of writing. In addition to the above general

criteria, the first CMT paper will be evaluated on quality, thoroughness, and applicability of current

marketing strategies; quality, thoroughness, and applicability of evaluation of the appropriateness of

these current marketing strategies; and quality, thoroughness, and applicability of recommended

marketing strategies. In addition to the above general criteria, the second CMT paper will be evaluated

on quality, thoroughness, and applicability of the justification of recommended marketing strategies;

quality, thoroughness, and applicability of the discussion of details of the recommended marketing

strategies; and quality, thoroughness, and applicability of the implementation of recommended

marketing strategies. Papers collected in one class will be evaluated and returned in a subsequent class.

The CMT assignment will provide the graduate student an opportunity to analyze "in depth" the

marketing strategies of a company for a particular product (or service), recommend marketing strategies

the firm should adopt, and develop a detailed implementation plan for these recommended marketing

strategies. As a result, the graduate student will be able to better relate and apply textbook material to

the practical aspects of marketing. By listening to other students’ CMT presentations and participating

in class discussions, the graduate student will maximize his/her learning experience, which will broaden

his/her understanding of marketing management.

Given the recent questions I have received regarding Paper # 1 of the CMT assignment, the following clarifications appear warranted:

-  All 4 Ps do NOT need to be covered in the 5 current marketing strategies you decide to analyze for your firm's one product/brand.  For

example, If applicable, you could focus on the magazine advertising strategy, TV advertising strategy, newspaper advertising strategy, social

media strategy, and sales promotion strategy for the 5 current marketing strategies of your firm's one product/brand.

-  For each of your 5 current marketing strategies, you must detail exactly what it was, involved, etc.  For example, with newspaper

advertising, who was the target market, what was the purpose of the ad (e.g., inform), what type of advertising was used (e.g., direct

competitive), what were the names of the newspapers used, what was the nature and contents of the ads, etc.?

-  For each of your 5 current marketing strategies, you must evaluate in detail both the advantages (or pros) and disadvantages (or cons).

-  In addition to the firm's website, you must research a variety of secondary sources, including but not limited to trade publications (e.g.,

Advertising Age), professional magazines and newspapers (e.g., Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, etc.), etc., for relevant

information.  Past students told me they had to read 4-6 articles before they found one that was useful for a portion of this assignment.

Several said they had to review over 70 articles, several said they read 56-70 articles, several said 41-55, and some said 26-40.  But it

depends upon what you can find on your firm and one product/brand.  Two of your classmates have already had to select a different firm and

product/brand due to a lack of published materials on their initial selections.  New firms and/or new products/brands won't have as much

readily available published materials as more established ones.

-  If you need assistance in locating articles on your firm and one product/brand, see the Reference Librarian in IUK's Library.  They will be

glad to assist you.  One of your classmates found their assistance to be invaluable.

-  For each of your 5 recommended marketing strategies, you must specify what it is.  [NOTE: Save justification and details of each for

Sections B and C of Part III of Paper # 2.]  That is, if the firm advertises in only major regional newspapers in the eastern U.S. (Part II), your

recommended marketing strategy in Part III, Section A, for the one product/brand of your firm could be "Expand newspaper advertising to

include all major regional newspapers in the U.S.".

-  Please heed the "NOTE" under III.A.1.  Each year, 1-2 students do not.

-  Please adhere to the CMT outline for Paper # 1 as shown on page 5 of the course syllabus.

-  Also, clearly label each part and section in your paper, including each current and recommended marketing strategy as well as the

pros and cons of each current marketing strategy.  This will ensure you cover each of these points, and it will assist me in evaluating your


-  Please note the percentage weight on each part and section of Paper # 1.  This provides a clue as to how much of your paper should be

allocated to each part and section.  In the past, students have written too many pages for Part I, when its weight was 20%, and not enough

pages for Part II, which is weighted 60%.

-  If you quote something word-for-word from one of your articles, you must enclose it in quotation marks in your paper, along with an

appropriate reference afterwards, including author's name/title of source, date, and page number(s).  If you paraphrase something from an

article, you still must provide an appropriate reference afterwards.

-  For articles cited in your paper, you must include these in alphabetical order in a Bibliography at the end of the write-up.  Do not include

articles consulted but not cited in your paper in the bibliography.

The following companies and products/brands can NOT be used for Current Marketing Topic (CMT) assignments during fall 2015:

Carnival Cruise Lines




Chegg--book rental company


Chrysler--New 200 sedan



Dollar Shave Club

Dos Equis beer

Emirates Airlines

Epic Systems Corporation--Electric medical record

Facebook--social networking

Foot Loops

Hallmark--greeting cards

HTC one M8

Matthews--Solocam Compound Bow

McDonald's--Sweet Tea

Microsoft XBOX One

Nars Cosmetics

Netflix--video rental and streaming

Nikon--D7100 camera


PayDay candy bar


Roku--streaming device


Samuel Adams beer


Sony--Play Station 3



Taco Bell breakfast


Winchester Firearms

Harley Davidson motorcycles

Abercrombie & Fitch clothing

Airtel Mobile Systems (India)



Asus--memo tablet

AT&T--internet/cable service

Bare Minerals make-up

Barnes & Noble

Bath & Body Works--need specific product



Breville Juicers

Cadillac--self-driving car/super cruise control


Chik Fil A

Coca-Cola--regular Coke

Cosmetics--L'Oreal--need to select product


Culver Military Academy


Gatorade--new candy-like supplement-

Wet-and-Wild cosmetics


Google Maps



Guiness Stout

Harley Davidson motorcycles

Hulu Plus

Huntington bank


Kellogg's Fruit Loops


Monster energy drink

Nike shoes

Red Bull

Panera Bread

Proctor & Gamble--deodorant

Qatar Airlines

Raybaun (sp?) sunglasses

Apple--MacBook Pro

Zappos--on-line shoe shop


Google--Nexus 6

Southwest Airlines

Swifter Wet Jet

Toledo scales



Under Armor--apparel

Amazon--Fire TV

Radisson hotels

Zara (retailer)--fast fashion


Name of the Student

Name of the Professor

Brief Summary of Company and Product

Mazola was established in 1911 and since then the company has been working hard to

provide the best quality products that also have great taste for the America families and now

even for the international market. The cooking oils have a successful history of being the favorite

oils of America and they are made of 100 percent pure oil (About Mazola, 2013). They do not

add any extra additives in the oil, so the flavor of the oil remains unchanged. The Mazola oils are

known for being healthy as they are free of cholesterol.

Mazola oils have taken over the American market and they have introduced a variety of

products. Mazola bouillon is a clear seasoned broth that is available in chicken and tomato

flavors. Mazola bouillon is cholesterol free and its unique and authentic flavor can help people to

get their favorite taste while cooking their meals (About Mazola, 2013). Mazola oils have a

variety of products and they are still in the process of expanding.

Mazola Products

Some of their famous products are:

1. Cooking Oils: Corn Oil, Corn Oil Plus, Vegetable Plus, Canola Oil

2. Olive Oils: Pure Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3. No-Stick Cooking Sprays: No-Stick Cooking Spray Original, No –Stick Cooking

Spray Butter

4. Bouillon: Bouillon Chicken Flavored, Bouillon Tomato

5. Sobrecitos Bouillon Packets: Sobrecitos Bouillon Chicken Flavored , Sobrecitos

Bouillon Tomato

These oils can be stored at room temperature and the storage conditions may affect the

quality of the products. If the oils are exposed to heat or light for a long time, the flavor may


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