Module 6 – Questions

Module 6 – Questions

Module 6 – Questions

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Module 6: Identify at risk populations and explain how public health can utilize various health policies and laws to improve the health of populations.

  1. Using the videos from Module 6, explain why the environment is so important when discussing public health.
  2. According to the editorial on elections and public health we read for class (Module 6), what are some strategies public health officials can use to ensure public health is protected during elections? Were any of these strategies seen during the recent presidential election?  If so, give examples.
  3. Use the article “Giving everyone the health of the educated” and discuss the importance of education on mortality.

Module 7: Identify the roles of public health in addressing disparities among variable populations.

  1. How do public health and human service providers contribute to health disparities (Module 7)?
  2. Given all that our country has gone through lately, I think this question is very relevant. Is racism real?  How do you know?  What effect does racism have on people who experience it (Module 7)? Give one strategy we as individuals can do to combat racism.

Module 8: Explain the burden of chronic diseases on morbidity and mortality and identify prevention approaches.

  1. Using the readings from Module 8, describe how the burden of chronic disease has changed over time on both a national and international scale. Make sure to include the concepts of morbidity and mortality in your response.
  2. Explain how the Community Health Environment Scan Survey (CHESS) tool can be used to assess the environment and make an impact on chronic diseases, like obesity.


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