Please view the following video and post your thoughts on the discussion board. Your initial post is due by Thursday of the assigned week.  You are required to respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.  Your initial post must contain at least 150 words.   There is no word limit for responses; however, they should be thoughtful and add to the conversation.   Please use correct spelling and grammar when posting on the discussion boards.   Points will be awarded for timeliness of post, length of post, and pertinent content.





Some things to think about when posting:

What was your initial reaction to the video?

Did you learn something new?

Is this applicable to your life?

How can this make you a healthier person?

Will you change anything about how you live your life?

The initial post is due by Thursday of the assigned week and the responses will be due by Sunday.  Grades will be based on originality of post and relevance to the topic being discussed; 15 points will be awarded for your initial response and 5 points will be awarded for each response.  With that being said, “I agree with John”, is not an appropriate response and will net zero points for the discussion board.  If you agree with another post, explain why you agree with it.  An appropriate response should contain a minimum of 150 words and be free of any spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Answer the questions then write respond one and respond two.

respond one:

Preventative medicine is a huge portion of the health world that I think a lot of people need to pay more attention to. Preventative medicine in short is basically a way for a person to get out in front of issues that may come to them later in life. This form of medicine can be practiced in many different forms that range from exercise to a regular doctor's appointment. The video specifically speaks about the benefits of exercise. I know the video gives a lot of information on exercise, but I have seen its benefits first hand. While at home, I work for a physical therapy clinic where I help to treat patients for a variety of injuries. I could not even begin to count the amount of people that saw overall health improvements. Although physical therapy is a temporary treatment for people, it can change their attitude. It can show them that continued exercise has many benefits beyond just a better physique. Those who continue to follow that model will continue to see all of the benefits mentioned in the video such as a decreased risk of dementia and a decreased risk of depression.

second respond:

Initially, I was curious as to what the trick or the secret was to cure the many diseases and illnesses, and I was not surprised when exercise was named the cure.  I knew exercise was good for everyone’s health, but I did not know the immense important of including it in the daily lifestyle.  I was most shocked that lack of fitness is a top indicator of early death.  This video is applicable to my life because it has opened my eyes in realizing how important it is to just take a small portion of my day to be active.  I have successfully stuck with temporary workout plans in the past, and noticed that I felt healthier in every aspect, and for that reason, I know how much exercise can improve my quality of life. With this newly acquired information, I plan to make exercise a permanent part of my daily schedule, and in return, live an overall healthier life.

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