Online Assignment writing Help – Cultural Plunge Suggestions

Online Assignment writing Help – Cultural Plunge Suggestions

Online Assignment writing Help – Cultural Plunge Suggestions

Online Assignment writing Help

Cultural Plunge Suggestions:

Keep in mind that you should select an activity that is new to you, so some of these suggestions will not be applicable to you. It is also important to consider what aspect of cultural sensitivity you would like to improve. It is common for students to need improvement in engagement/interaction skills and confidence. Select a specific cultural group to guide your search. Ask yourself, “where and how can I

learn more about….”

 Attend an ASU event/workshop that you typically would not attend:

 Ride the light rail or bus for an hour to locations new to you. This is only a good choice if you don’t use public transportation.

 Interview people in parks who appear homeless

 Attend a community center event – bingo (Example: Pyle Adult Recreation Center)

 Attend a faith based event that is different than your own

 Attend a support group that has been something you have been meaning to do: Alcohol Anonymous, Alanon, other support groups.

 Go with a group of friends to a restaurant in an area of town rich in the culture you would like to

learn more about.

 Go to to locate a service experience. (A small fee and training

is associated with HandsOn. Use this assignment to get involved.

 Attend an event at the community library

 Go to an event that is dominant with the opposite gender – Ex: men go to a yoga class

 Go shopping at a store that is very different from your own culture and ask people questions

when you are in the store. Ask them what they enjoy about the store, etc.

 Participate in activity that you have not done before: ballroom dancing, etc.

 Go to a bar or club that is known to attract patrons from a cultural group different than your


 Go to a park that is busy with activity and interview the people at the park.

 Alter physical appearance or ability to enhance a cultural plunge experience, but be safe and


 Visit/Tour a facility that is very new to you.

 Participate in a service activity associated with the cultural group you want to target.

 Go to the DES website: Search for a service that might be needed; food, employment, etc.,

locate where to gain assistance for the need and go to the facility using public transportation.

Spend time in the facility learning about the resources and the system that will need to be

followed to get the help.

o Example: Borrow a wheelchair to use during a cultural plunge.

o Example: Greek Monastery -

o Arizona Disabled Sports -

Step #1 – Complete the Intercultural Sensitivity Scale. Calculate your score with interaction engagement, respect for cultural differences, interaction confidence, enjoyment and attentiveness. Identify one or two areas of intercultural sensitivity that you would like to enhance with a cultural group of your choice. For instance, you may feel that your confidence interacting with people with developmental disabilities needs improvement or you are unfamiliar with a religion different than your own. Intercultural Sensitivity Scale:


 Interaction Engagement items are 1, 11, 13, 21, 22, 23, and 24 =26

 Respect for Cultural Differences items are 2, 7, 8, 16, 18, and 20=14

 Interaction Confidence items are 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10=20

 Interaction Enjoyment items are 9, 12, and 15=3

 Interaction Attentiveness items are 14, 17, and 19=13

When interacting with people from different cultures, I am not sure always about how to proceed. I have a lack of confidence sometimes and I would like to develop confidence while talking with people from different cultures. I would also like to be more observant and improve my attention and concentration so that I can learn more about other cultures, and this can help in the improvement of my interaction with people from other cultures. One specific area of intercultural sensitivity that I would like to enhance is by improving my confidence while interacting with blind people. I think I have some kind of stereotyping about the blind people, and this becomes an obstacle while communicating with them. I would like to overcome the stereotyping and develop confidence to interact with blind people.


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