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i need you guys to respond this 5 students questions:
Students have to post one question related to the topic by Tuesday midnight, respond to five other students questions between Tuesday midnight and Thursday midnight, and conclude/wrap up the issue/question between Thursday midnight and Friday midnight.
and those 5 questions are:
1) The artice I found discussed the negative impacts that voluntourism can sometimes have on destinations.  The author and their interviewees are frustrated that volunteers are being sent to locations and assigned to difficult jobs that the volunteers are completely unskilled in.  The author argues that there should a quality of standard when choosing volunteers, which I agree with.  Some volunteers arrive to actually help and make a difference, while others are there to exploit and harm the community and environment.  Do you think that voluntourism needs a quality of standard when choosing volunteers as well as a regulatory body?

‘Voluntourism’ may be doing more harm than good

Rapid growth in the multi-billion dollar volunteer tourism industry has prompted calls for tighter controls with concerns over exposing vulnerable communities to un...
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2)Starwood started the popular program "Make a Green Choice" a few years ago. You can opt into the program at check-in or by placing the door hanger on the outside of your door. The program can save 50 gallons of water per room per night. That is such a significant difference that it was well recieved by eco tourism critics. It is also an efficiency booster for the entire housekeeping department. Participants get SPG points added to their accounts when they check out.


Why is this program good or bad? How can Starwood improve on this program?



What's Your Opinion on Starwood's Make A Green Choice ...

The Points Guy, Brian Kelly, answers a reader question about whether or not he participates in Starwood's Make A Green Choice Program.
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What are the best actions needed to take places for countries to be protected from future Ebola outbreaks? This has been an ongoing issue even though some of it has been contained, its still out there. Ebola is affecting countries that don't have a strong enough system to take care of this issue which is leading them to a decrease in their tourism industry. Do you think that it is time for allied countries to step in and help to not only prevent this disease from spreading but to help build back up their economy/tourism industry?
4)In the Topic 4 readings, we read a chapter on the environmental impacts of tourism. One of the issues presented was roads/traffic and roadkill. Several highways are combating this issue by building wildlife overpasses/underpasses. Washington to Build Animal Overpass on I-90 discusses the planned overpass for bears, elks, foxes, etc in the state of Washington. You can also check out some really cool images of theses types of overpasses/underpasses in other states and countries.
Question: There can be a lot of positive outcomes from creating wildlife overpasses; what could be some possible negative impacts/outcomes?
5)Greece is already struggling from a vicious financial crisis and now locals and officials are worried about the migration crisis of Afghan migrants to the island of Lesbos, a popular destination for Europeans and Greeks alike.
My question to you, is with the current financial crisis Greece is already experiencing, it now has to confront this migration crisis. How do you think it will effect Greece?  And what would you suggest for the potential overpopulation- would these migrants have a biophysical impact on the waters or sustainability for Greece?

1. I think voluntourism needs a quality of standard when choosing volunteers as well as aregulatory body. Skilled volunteers with background knowledge of the job/s expected of

them can prove helpful in the progress of tourism and they can also give a positive picture

or create a positive impression on the minds of the tourists.

2. I think this program is good and unique because it is innovative and can help inconservation. It does not harm anyone and can prove useful in the long run. There are no

hidden costs and the benefits can be reaped by the guests and the hosts, and also it can

prove beneficial for the society.

3. Prevention of Ebola should be given priority because it is a deadly disease. Its spreadingalso has to be controlled and it will be in the interest of the allied countries because if this

disease spreads in the allied countries it may create a great havoc in the allied countries


4. Building overpasses sounds like a great idea, but I am shocked that it will be costing such ahuge amount. It may cost $ 6.2 million and it is indeed extravagant because this amount

can be put to good use for the development of infrastructures or for solving other

important issues of human beings.

5. The migration of Afghans may not benefit Greece, which is already under the stress offinancial crisis. The resources of Greece are not enough right now, and the migrants will be

an added burden on the economy and the migrants may also create sustainability issues.

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