Online Paper Writing Services – Cohabitation in Malaysia and the United States

Online Paper Writing Services – Cohabitation in Malaysia and the United States

Online Paper Writing Services – Cohabitation in Malaysia and the United States

Online Paper Writing Services

What do we know about intimate, coresidential unions that are NOT heterosexual and/or

monogamous in Malaysia? (Such as gay marriage, cohabitation, polygamy, polyamory,

stepfamilies, etc.)- Just choose one

-(2 scholar articles from google scholar about Malaysia) and for the America I will send it

to you by WhatsApp.

-ASA citation

-hook the leader introduction about Malaysia


-Summary about both USA and Malaysia articles

-analysis (compared and contrasted)

Three part of the compare and contrast: 1- fact in Malaysia (cited) 2-fact in United States

(cited)3- two to three sentences clearly compare or contrast these two sets of facts

- Conclusion (ask Question or anything makes readers think about the article) make the

conclusion personalize, example that instructor said “if any one ask do you know how people

get marriage in Tokyo? Say I do

Things the instructor said:

-each paragraph has it is own idea and it is own transition sentence within between paraphrases

-singular + plural agreement

- Internal citation ex: Smith (2007) found that avocados are delicious. OR Avocados are

delicious (Smith 2007).

-start with Malaysia

-spell out "United States"

Cohabitation in Malaysia and the United States

Cohabitation means a living arrangement in which an unmarried couple stays together in a

marriage-like relation for a long time (Anon.n.d.). Different countries have different rules

regarding cohabitation depending on their laws and cultures. Malaysian laws do not recognize

cohabitation, and particularly the Land Law under the Torrens system does not approve of

cohabitation (Anon.2015). The Malaysian law does not approve, accept and recognize

cohabitation, but the times are changing in Malaysia and cohabitation is found in cities, such as

Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas. In the 1960s and the 1970s one never even heard of

cohabitation in Malaysia, but nowadays the trend is changing (Kai 2011). Cohabitation has side

effects and it may affect women more than men. In the United States, cohabitation is more

common and it ahs become a path to marriage. Dating is old fashioned and living together is the

in thing, but living together is affecting the definition of families and cohabitation is outside the

acceptance of the law even in the United States (Brown 2005). Cohabitation is not legally

acceptable in the United States or in Malaysia, but still it has become a common practice because

people find it easy to cohabitate rather than to marry and become committed to their partners and

sometimes cohabitation is the path to marriage instead of the dating system.

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