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Paper Writing Service – My Country Jordan

Paper Writing Service – My Country Jordan

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Country Paper

The following is an outline of what your paper should look like. The main points (About the country, Tourism by the numbers, Tourism Resources and Barriers and Would you go there) MUST be your headings within the document. The paragraphs that follow the heading are up to you. I have given you suggestions on what you should include. For the section on Resources and Barriers, you must explain WHY it is a resource or a barrier. Some things may be both a resource and a barrier, other things may be just one or the other. For an A, attempt to address each of the suggestions. You must make the minimum word count for each section and do not exceed the maximum by more than 50 words. You paper must be well written with no spelling or grammar errors. For the first section it is tempting to just go to Wikipedia and copy and paste. This is called plagiarism! You can paraphrase what you find online, but you must cite it. You must follow MLA guidelines for citations and your works cited page. Remember we do have writing centers available to you if you need help. Your paper should be 12 point Arial, double-spaced. You should put your full name on the first page. You will upload your document. Do not copy and paste the text in!

1. About the country (100-250 words)

2. Tourism by the numbers (100-250 words)

a. Geography

i. Location

ii. Climate

iii. Physical Properties (jungle, desert etc.)

b. Demographics

i. Population (number of people, age breakdown, men vs.

ii. Religious make up

iii. Political ideals

iv. Government

c. General Economic Information:

i. Current development

ii. Average per capita income

iii. Poverty rate

a. Domestic

b. International

c. Infrastructure

i. Hotels

ii. Transportation

women, level of education, family size, etc.)

1. Flights to the country

2. Transportation within the country

iii. Restaurants

iv. Available tours

3. Tourism Resources and Barriers (500 words-750 words)

a. Physical

b. Cultural

c. Political

i. Climate

ii. Landscape

iii. Natural Disasters

iv. Infrastructure

i. Food

ii. Language

iii. Pop Culture

iv. Religion

i. Current politics promoting or discouraging tourism

ii. Terrorism threats/Safety issues

iii. Visa issues

4. Would you go there why or why not? (300-450 words)


1. about the country (100-250 words): Jordan is a small kingdom that is located strategically in the Middle East. This country has witnessed many conquests and faced many invading armies.

a. Geography: Jordan is a small kingdom located in the Middle East (Jordan).

i. Location: It is bordered on the west by Israel and the Dead Sea. On the north it has Syria and on the east it is bordered by Iraq. On the south Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia.

ii. Climate: The climate of the country is hot. The summers are dry, long and hot and the winters are short and cool. January is the coldest month and August is the hottest month. Winds are strong and sometimes can cause sandstorms. The country receives rain between November and March. There is a possibility of local flooding in the winter months and rainfall varies from season to season and year to year (Jordan ).

iii. Physical Properties (jungle, desert etc.): The country is mostly made of dry arid hills and mountains. It is a flat desert plateau on the east and west. There is the Great Rift Valley in the west that separates the eastern and western banks of the Jordan River (Jordan).

b. Demographics: The overall population as of July 2014 is 7,930,491.

i. Population (number of people, age breakdown, men vs. Women, level of education, family size, etc.): The population is around 7,930,491. The age structure is as follows: There are around 35.8% people belonging to the age group of 0-14 years and of this group 1,457,174 are males and 1,385,604 are females, there are 20.4% people

belonging to the age group of 15-24 years, and out of this 826, 482 are males and 788,950 are females. The  population between 25-54 years is 35.7% and between 55-64 is 4.2%. There are around 145,515 males and 162,055 females of 65 years and above. The total population of males versus females is 1.03 males per female. The literacy rate is good and people above the age of 15

ii. Religious make up: Muslims are in majority and they predominantly Sunnis (97.2%), Christians are the next and there are different sects of Christians (2.2%), Buddhist form 0.4% of  the population, Hindus form 0.1%, and other folk religion are lesser than 1 (Jordan

iii. Political ideals: King Abdullah II is the ruler of the country and the Prime Minister is

iv. Government: The type of government in Jordan is constitutional hereditary monarchy

C. General Economic Information: The GDP of the country is $ 37.37 billion and the per capita income is $6000. The real growth rate is estimated to be 2.5% and the inflation is 6.4%.

i. Current development: The country is developing fast and there is a real growth rate of 2.5%.

ii. Average per capita income: As mentioned above, the average per capita income is $6000.

iii. Poverty rate: Around 20% of the Jordanians reside in rural areas and poverty is more prevalent in the rural areas compared to the urban areas.19 percent of the rural population is classified as poor as the living conditions are extreme and there are no alternate sources of

2. Tourism by the numbers (100-250 words)

a. Domestic: Many people come to Jordan from different parts of the world.

b. International: There are international tourists who come to see the beauty of the small desert

i. Hotels: Jordan boasts of many five star and international hotels that can cater to the needs of

ii. Transportation: The transportation facilities are easily available and people can use railroads,

1. Flights to the country: There are many Jordanian airports and the Royal Jordanian Airline

iii. Restaurants: Jordan has many restaurants and the most important thing is the hospitality of the country. They provide rich food and their famous dish is mansaf and the other is stuffed baby

iv. Available tours: Tours are available throughout the year and the prices include the transport cost, lunch, guide, entrance fees and water. There are no tours during the holy month of

3. Tourism Resources and Barriers (500 words-750 words)

i. Climate: Climate can be one important barrier for tourism in Jordan. The climate of the country is pleasant, but diverse. The geographic regions comprise of the mountainous regions and the climate is Mediterranean type. Summers are hot in Jordan and winters are rainy, but spring and

ii. Landscape: Jordan has a beautiful and mixed landscape of mountains and deserts. The Jordan valley, the Dead Sea, the giant red mountains, the treasury, the shrines, the vast mausoleums and museums, and the rose-red city of Petra are some of the major attractions of the country (Jordan

iii. Natural Disasters: Sandstorms are common in the country, but apart from that the country does not suffer from any major disasters. Sometimes winter flooding is common, but again it cannot be termed as natural disaster of a high level.

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