Paper Writing Services – Energy Drinks and Their Safety

Paper Writing Services – Energy Drinks and Their Safety

Paper Writing Services – Energy Drinks and Their Safety

Paper Writing Services

Energy Drinks and Their Safety

Legal drugs, such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, are often viewed as safer than prescription

and illegal drugs. In particular, caffeine is viewed as safe by many people as it is not regulated,

unlike nicotine and alcohol. Many "energy drinks" on the market, such as Red Bull, Monster,

and Rockstar, contain high levels of caffeine, some in excess of four times the amount of

caffeine as is present in a cup of coffee.  Additionally some energy drinks contain herbals such as

guarana and ginseng.

Andre, a 15-year- old high school student, has joined the track team.

His teammates suggest that he take an "energy drink" before practice to give him an "edge."

Andre asks his mother to purchase some energy drinks for him the next time she goes to the

store. Andre's mother is concerned about the safety of using these drinks, as she has heard that

they contain a lot of caffeine.

Using your textbook and the Argosy University online library resources, research the use of

energy drinks by young people.

Respond to the following:

 Are energy drinks safe for use by young people? What are the safety implications?

 Should the purchase of energy drinks be regulated? Why or why not?

Write your initial response in 150–200 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Due: Saturday, February 14, 2015

Energy Drinks and Their Safety

Energy drinks are different from mineral waters and sports drinks and they may contain

sugars, taurine, caffeine, sweeteners, herbal supplements and a few other substances. Energy

drinks are not safe for use by young people. According to the National Federation of State High

School Associations, energy drinks are not recommended because of their potential risks,

harmful drug interactions and the lack of any specific benefits (Seifert, Schaechter, Hershorin,

& Lipshultz, 2011).. The effects of energy drinks have been studied by many researchers and the

conclusions draws are that energy drinks can cause toxic effects, and also there is a possibility of

serious adverse effects. It has been found that drinking energy drinks can also cause stroke,

mania, seizures and sudden death. Children who are already suffering from liver disease, renal

disease or cardiovascular disorders, psychological disorders, or hypothyroidism may be at a

greater risk (Seifert, Schaechter, Hershorin & Lipshultz, 2011).

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