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Paper Writing

Paper Writing


In this third module, we are discussing the human socialization process and how it influences our

psychosocial development.

Identify and describe Erikson’s stages of development as each applies to your own personality

formation. How did success at one stage prepare you for meeting the next challenge? What do

you anticipate for stages you have not yet reached?

As you progressed through each stage, how did the agents of socialization change as to their

level of influence? For any stages you have not yet reached, which agent(s) do you predict will

be the most influential?

Look in an online library and the Internet for information on "feral children." Explain why feral

children are used as examples of young people for whom the socialization process has been


Due May 30th, 2015.



The personality formation process can be explained with the help of the stages of

development given by Erikson. The eight stages of development given by Erikson are the

psychosocial stages. The eight stages are trust vs. mistrust, autonomy vs. shame, initiative vs.

guilt, industry vs. inferiority, ego identity vs. role confusion, intimacy vs. isolation, generativity

vs. stagnation and ego integrity vs. despair (Erik Erikson, n.d.). I do not recall anything about the

infancy stage, but I must have been influenced by my parents at this stage and their love and

affection has helped in my progress. I may have developed the sense of trust successfully at this

stage. My parents may have given me a lot of independence in the second stage because I am

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