Physiological Assignment Writing Help – Effects of Stress

Physiological Assignment Writing Help – Effects of Stress

Physiological Assignment Writing Help – Effects of Stress

Physiological Assignment Writing Help

Effects of Stress

Provide a 1-page description of a stressful event currently occurring in your life. Then, referring to information you learned throughout this course, address the following:

 What physiological changes occur in the brain due to the stress response?

 What emotional and cognitive effects might occur due to this stressful situation?

 Would the above changes (physiological, cognitive, or emotional) be any different if the same

stress were being experienced by a person of the opposite sex or someone much older or younger than you?

 If the situation continues, how might your physical health be affected?

 What three behavioral strategies would you implement to reduce the effects of this stressor?

Describe each strategy. Explain how each behavior could cause changes in brain physiology

(e.g., exercise can raise serotonin levels).

 If you were encouraging an adult client to make the above changes, what ethical considerations

would you have to keep in mind? How would you address those ethical considerations?

In addition to citing the online course and the text, you are also required to cite a minimum of two

scholarly sources. Please use online libraries or peer to peer reviewed to find appropriate scholarly

sources. For reputable web sources, look for .gov or .edu sites as opposed to .com sites. Please do not

use Wikipedia.

Your paper should be double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, and with normal 1-inch

margins; written in APA style; and free of typographical and grammatical errors. It should include a title

page with a running head, an abstract, and a reference page. The body of the paper should be at least 6

pages in length.

Due Saturday, July 12, 2014.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria Maximum

Described a stressful event. 20

Explained the physiological changes that occur in the brain

due to the stress response. 36

Explained the emotional and cognitive effects that may occur

due to this stressful situation. 32

Analyzed potential differences in physiological, cognitive, and

emotional responses in someone of a different age or sex. 32

Discussed the physical health risks. 28

Provided three behavioral strategies to reduce the effects of

the stressor and explained how each could cause changes in

brain physiology.

Analyzed ethical considerations in implementing behavioral

strategies and offered suggestions for addressing these. 40

Integrated at least two scholarly references to support ideas. 8

Organization (16 points): Introduction, transitions, and





Style (8 points): Tone, audience, and word choice.

Usage and Mechanics (16 points): Grammar, spelling, and

sentence structure.

APA Elements (24 points): In-text citations and references,

paraphrasing, and appropriate use of quotations and other

elements of style.

Total: 300


Title Page

Stress has become a part of our modern lifestyle and no one can escape the good or bad effects of stress. Even I have faced stressful situations many times in my life, but I have adopted strategies to manage my stress, such as eating properly, sleeping properly and exercising regularly. The strategies that help for me to reduce my stress are the coping strategies of focusing on my problems and focusing on my emotions. Apart from that, fun, exercises and a good family –relaxing time also works for me. My major stressful issue is related to my time management problems, but I am trying to cope up with my problems and reduce stress by reducing my work load and following a systematic time-table. I am also avoiding multi-tasking. Managing stress is important for people of all ages and genders. If a person has to stay healthy physically, psychologically and emotionally, he will have to develop strong strategies to control stress.


Stress has become a part and parcel of life and it is one of the major concerns of human beings. Stress can occur at any age and at any time; even the young children are not able to escape the effects of stress. When family members, friends or casual acquaintances face stress, people usually have multiple advices ready to deal with stress, but when a person faces stress himself or herself none of the advices sound suitable. An individual has to plan or think of own Personally speaking, I usually try my best to avoid stress and maintain my cool, but stress is one issue that creeps in our lives and slowly gains control over all the other senses. The most stressful event occurring in my life right now is related to time management. I have to do multiple tasks at the same time and I am so busy trying to complete all the tasks that I hardly get time for myself. I always think that there should be 48 hours in a day instead of 24 hours because 24 hours are not enough for me to complete all my tasks. The tension of completing all the tasks and fulfilling all my responsibilities creates an unbearable stress, and sometimes I start crying because I am not able to manage all the tasks. I have to study, and it is very important for me to study, but I do not get enough time to study and complete all my assignments. Something or the other crops up and I have to work on the assignments at the last minute. Right now, I am working on this assignment at the last minute because again I was not able to give me 100% time. I started brainstorming and reading the textbook as soon as I got the assignment and I was sure that I will complete it before time, but unfortunately other things came my way, such as, my cousin arrived for summer holidays and I had to take her for outing and also for her interviews as she is new to this area and she needed company. Then, my mother had given a list of jobs to be completed within this week. In spite of trying hard to complete my assignment before time, here I am sitting stressed and attempting my best to write a competitive assignment.

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