Physiology Essay Writing for US Students

Physiology Essay Writing for US Students

Physiology Essay Writing for US Students

Physiology Essay Writing for US Students

1 page with your own words for a physiology class

Start by watching that episode at the following URL:

Copy and Paste this URL into your browser.  (Tolerate the Depend ads, that's why it's a free site!) This site contains not only video but complete written transcripts of the story by Scott Pelley.  Also notice there are additional segments (60 Minutes Overtime, etc.) shown on the right side of the opening page.

I expect your summary paper will include research from at least two (2) additional SCIENTIFIC sources besides the 60 Minutes site (which is NOT a scientific source).  You MUST list those sources at the end of your summary.  If you don't know from previous English courses how to list a reference, GOOGLE it!  These references will only be ONE (1) line and will be at the bottom of your single page abstract summary. (Feel free to ask Chris for help.)

Your summary paper will be done in Times New Roman, size 12 font.  Single space with one (1) inch margins.  REMEMBER........WHITE SPACE IS GOOD (just not TOO MUCH white space)!

Explain what this Duke research is attempting to confirm.  This needs to include a concise description of glioblastoma (Google IT!) as well as the concept of the treatment.  How does injecting polio virus directly into a tumor cause the tumor to disappear?  What is a "Phase 1" trial?  Finally, you will need to close your summary paper by stating your own conclusions about this intervention.  Would you accept this treatment if you had a glioblastoma?

This is an assignment to help you gain insight into leading edge medical research (remember the Scientific Method?).  Does this research demonstrate the scientific method?  What's the hypothesis?  The assignment also presents a real challenge which will require you to struggle with writing concisely yet completely!

Glioblastoma: Polio Virus to Treat Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is a type of malignant cancer. It is also called as astrocytoma because it forms astrocytes, star-shaped cells, in the brain. They are grade 4 tumors because they grow at a fast speed and spread very fast. They are more common in men than women and almost 1 in 5 tumors originating in the brain is a glioblastoma (What is Glioblastoma?, 2015). The Duke University research is attempting to find a new method to cure glioblastoma, to get rid of the cancerous cells and increase the life span and improve the quality of life of the patients. The researchers have used a dangerous virus to fight with the cancer and this is the polio virus. The methodology employed appears simple. The polio virus is injected in the brain using a 3D MRI to plot the course and then the cancerous mass is targeted. The virus cells are not allowed to travel throughout the brain. Only a single dose is enough for the patients and after that that there is no necessity of a chemo, radiation, surgery or anything else. The virus activates the immune system and attacks the cancerous cells. The virus is re-engineered by removing its key genetic sequence and this modified virus, which cannot harm the host by reproducing in normal cells, is used to attack the cancer cells, which are hidden from the body’s normal immune system. The modified polio cells enter the cancerous cells, replicate, and release toxins, poison the cells and ultimate kill them. The subsequent MRIs show that the cancerous tumor starts shrinking.

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