Population Paper Assignment – Writing Services

Population Paper Assignment  – Writing Services

Population Paper Assignment – Writing Services

Population Paper Assignment  - Writing Services

a. Population Paper (Must be 5 pages in length, not including cover page or

reference page). Social workers work with a variety of people and a variety of

issues. For this assignment, the student is required to research a population the

student is working with in the agency volunteer experience. Examples: people

who are homeless, elders, or abused children. This is a research paper and not an

opinion paper. You must use APA style to write this paper. YOU MUST MEET

WITH THE Student Instructor (SI) for feedback on APA and writing before

turning in your paper to the instructor. You must also submit your paper on

Turnitin on the Blackboard site. Your population paper MUST include the


1) Introduction: Include a clear statement as to the population you have

2) Literature Review: Library-based research to identify the descriptive

been researching. Clear statement of the issue/problem that the agency

(you have been volunteering) or its clients face State what the paper will

be discussing.

characteristics of this population, including demographic features (age,

gender, ethnicity), number of people who comprise the population, types

of issues they experience, and types of services they need. Summary of

the articles reflect an understanding of the identified issue or problem the

agency and its clients are facing.

a) Include a reference page of articles you read and other sources

used (last page of your population paper).

b) Read at a minimum three (3) articles from social work

journals. At least one (1) article must be from Social Work

Research or Research on Social Work Practice.

c) You are to turn in the articles you used with your paper.

3) Description of agency you volunteered that serves your population.

4) A personal interview with executive director or social worker at the


a) A description of its location and appearance,

b) the services provided and eligibility guidelines for services

c) clients served and typical issues clients are experiencing when

seeking service from the agency

agency you volunteer, and ask questions related to the interviewees work

experience at the agency. Include:

a) Information about the work provided by the person (identify

who you interviewed); professional experience, degrees earned,

recommendation for entering the profession.

b) Ask about the role of the professional you are interviewing,

AND about the roles of other professions working in the agency

who assess and address the needs of the clients and populations

the agency serves.

c) Information about how the person communicates with others;

and how the professionals in the agency communicate with their

clients and each other.

d) Information about service delivery to clients; team approach or

e) The ways the agency has found to address the issues/problems

5) Conclusion and Recommendations. Include:

a) Summary of what you learned from research and interview.

principles of team dynamics followed when planning and

delivering services to clients/population served by agency.

of clients they serve.

Three (3) recommendations that the agency or Terre Haute needs to consider so as to

improve service delivery and help clients facing this


Children: The Population That Needs Protection



Indian State


Children: The Population that Needs Protection

The definition of population in general can be given as the total number of residents or

inhabitants in a particular place or country. This total population may comprise of old people,

young people, men, women and children. When we talk about the grown ups in any population,

it is generally expected that they can take care of themselves, but one part of the population that

cannot take care of itself and is vulnerable to abuse and neglect is the child population or the

children, who need protection from neglect and abuse. They cannot fight for their own rights,

and they are not capable enough to oppose or even understand that they are being neglected or

abused, and therefore they need protection. This paper will present a research on child abuse and

neglect and the impact of this abuse and neglect on them when they grow up and I am

particularly interested in this population because I work in a child care agency.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the year 2014 there were 73.6 million children in the

United States. The number of children in the 0-5 age group was 23.9 million, the number of

children in 6-11 age group was 24.7 million and the number of children in 12-17 age group was

25.0 million. There is a sharp increase in race and ethnic diversity, and in 2014 there were 52

percent white children, 24 percent Hispanic, 12 percent Black and 5 percent Asian and 5 percent

were all other races. In future, this population may become more diverse (Demographic

This particular population faces a variety of problems of safety and health. Their physical

environment is most of the times responsible for their problems related to their safety. They may

face health problems because of poor outdoor air quality, drinking water quality, secondhand

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