Position Paper Writing Services – Organ Donation

Position Paper Writing Services – Organ Donation

Position Paper Writing Services – Organ Donation

Position Paper Writing Services - Organ Donation

Prospectus paper for a research.
First one is about Organ Donation and the other is about euthanasia.
This assignment is one page long and is due tonight 11 pm. It is a position paper to write introduction with argument or thesis about each topic . Also, what are the sources that you're going to use in this research and how you are going to use them
Here is the instructor's note

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to what is due today. The prospectus is essentially the first page of your final paper. You need to turn in a well written page containing the introduction to your topic including your thesis statement. This is a researched position paper. So yes you need to make a claim about the topic your are looking at. This is open to any topic within Medical Ethics. The second part of this first full page would be a paragraph explaining how you are going to use your sources to support your argument. Give me a road map of sorts to the rest of your paper. Tell me what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.

Position Paper

Organ Donation

Donation is considered an altruistic gesture that shows the responsibility of a human being

towards their fellow beings and society. Donating in the form of money or worldly goods is

unquestionably a kind charitable act, but donating organs is altogether a different issue. Organ

donation has brought a relief in the medical world because doctors have found a way to treat

some of the most life-threatening conditions with the help of organs donated by people (live or

dead). The requirement for organs is more and the donors are less, and this discrepancy has led

to some of the worst cases of black marketing of organs (Scheve, 2016). The US government has

banned any kind of monetary transactions for organs (Rutecki, 2002). There are certain ethical

issues associated with organ donation, but looking at the ethical principle of larger good and the

benefits of organ donation for the patients the ethical issues can be ignored and people should

think altruistically about organ donation as it can give a new life to patients.

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