Powerpoint Presentation Writing Services – Control of ventilation

Powerpoint Presentation Writing Services – Control of ventilation

Powerpoint Presentation Writing Services – Control of ventilation

Powerpoint Presentation Writing Services - Control of ventilation

Hello .please i need this assignment after 24 hours  its about physiology class in respiratory therapy  the subject
about     Control of ventilation and please she does not want any thing direct from the slides i attached the slides to give u idea about     it  ,and use some pics  , the  resource it has to be  APA reference . i  need around 12 slides to fill them on the poster . if u have any questions please let me know  .................................................................. ...........................................Thank you

RC 410 Poster Presentation

To successfully complete this assignment, you need to do the following:

Create a poster that reviews material covered for assigned topic and submit on time. Poster content should be original, not copying from instructor’s lecture. Orally present poster in class in appropriate length of time. Develop review questions to assess audience learning. Be a respectful listener to classmates’ presentations.


Levels of Achievement

Criteria 0 points 8 points 14 points 20 points


Little to no content or inaccurate; audience left with lack of understanding No plan; No defined sections; font difficult to read; design distracting No presentation given Many errors, distracting to reader Read presentation from notes, minimal interaction w/ audience provided

No references given, no citations provided Some content; audience with little understanding of material

Most relevant information provided

All relevant and pertinent information presented in concise manner. Audience with clear understanding Poster Organization

Criteria 0 points 4 points 7 points 10 points



Some defined

sections; use of color

& design needs work

Logical Plan; Fairly

defined sections; font

slightly difficult to read

Cohesive; Clearly defined

Sections; font easily viewable;

overall design attractive

Presentation shorter

than 4 minutes

Some errors, does

not distract reader Few errors No errors

Presentation longer

than 7 minutes

Presentation adheres to time




Questions No questions

Mostly read notes or

too quiet to hear;

shows disrespect to

other presentations

by not paying attn

Only 1 accurate

question provided

1 Reference

provided, but

inaccurate, not

original, or poor use

of APA format

Read some from notes or

spoke softly, difficult to


Minimally glanced at notes;

projected voice; engaged in

others’ presentations

Two accurate questions


1 Original Reference

provided, proper use of

APA format

Three accurate questions


>1 Original Reference

provided, proper use of APA



Originality poster contents Most of content Most of content original All content original, includes

Straight from not original, but some from lecture original images

lecture from lecture

Definition: control of ventilation

The term control of ventilation refers to physiological mechanism that controls physiologic ventilation. Ventilation is movement of air into and out of lungs that helps respiration Respiration refers to the uptake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide.

Respiratory Centre
Respiratory centre controls our breathing process. It is
located in the lowest part of the brain stem part known as
medulla oblongata.

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