Project work Help – Project Lifespan Template – US Students

Project work Help – Project Lifespan Template – US Students

Project work Help – Project Lifespan Template – US Students

Project work Help For US Students

Project Lifespan Template

Unit 3a: How did leisure help you develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially through your life time. Use the Lifespan Template document that is attached. Fill it out, including the question about passion at the bottom.
Unit 3b: Prepare a spreadsheet that includes a copy of your personal time line, divided into very specific 15 minute time blocks, with brief descriptions of what you did during each time block (you may have done multiple things) for an actual 1-day, 24 hour time period in your life this week (1 big block for sleep is OK, but not for other time blocks). Do not just fill in several sections in a row with "work" or "watched TV" but rather list some specifics. After compiling this data, looking it over, and thinking about your use of time in terms of work and leisure ... write a 25-word comment about how your use of time makes you feel at the bottom of the spread sheet. If you are true to this assignment you will have a great sense of self awareness when it is completed.
Unit 3c: For this assignment about Space and Place you will complete an on-line quiz that asks you a lot of questions, many about leisure, and then generates a list of the top 24 places you might consider living. Are you a beach person, a desert person, or maybe a small town mountain person. Just answer honestly and you'll get some insight about what types of places you might want to live. To complete the "Find Your Top Spot to Live" survey open the link and start a new quiz.

Find Your Spot survey:

You will get a page with a dog on it - click on the green button in upper right that says take the quiz. NOTE: this site gets busy (I think lots of leisure classes us it) and goes down sometimes - do this assignment earlier than later - keep trying back if it is down so you don't miss the deadline.

When you complete the quiz (feel free to skip all the ads - you do not have to sign up for anything if you don't want to - make sure you follow the links to confirm your email) it will generate an answer page for you similar to the three locations below. Copy and paste your top 3 places to live (as illustrated below) and write a 25 word reaction to the results of your top three places for unit #3c.

Ogden, UT Where Utah Comes Together
This scenic "Crossroads of the West" is set between Utah's Great Salt Lake and the magnificent Wasatch Mountains...
Population: 82,800 | Average Home Price: 110,000 | Precipitation: 19" | Snow: 76"
Tacoma, WA Port City of the Cascades
This city's name comes from the Native American name for Mt. Rainier, "Tacobet," meaning Mother of the Waters...
Population: 198,400 | Average Home Price: 166,000 | Precipitation: 39" | Snow: 10"
Billings, MT Star of the Big Sky Country
During the Wild West days in Billings, Montana, the cowboys and scarlet ladies of every saloon performed impossible dances atop bars, tables, and in some instances upon atop the pianos...
Population: 104,200 | Average Home Price: 115,000 | Precipitation: 15" | Snow: 57"
Name: ___________________________1. List one of your childhood leisure activities: Reading booksDescribe how this activity helped in your development using the matrix below:Physical Growth It did not help much in physical growth.Emotional Growth It helped a lot to understand the facts of life.

Intellectual Growth It increased knowledge.

Social Growth It also helped to learn how to behave in social circumstances.

2. List one of your adolescent activities: Swimming

Describe how this activity helped in your development using the matrix below:

Physical Growth It helped in overall growth.

Emotional Growth It helped to cope up with stress.

Intellectual Growth After a relaxed swimming schedule, I could concentrate on studies.

Social Growth It helped to make many friends.

3. List one of your adult activities: Working for a Voluntary organization

Describe how this activity helped in your development using the matrix below:

Physical Growth It helped to some extent in physical growth.

Emotional Growth It helped to grow as an individual.

Intellectual Growth I learned about the good and bad circumstances that people may experience,

Social Growth I learned one good thing about helping people, and the necessity to learn

and the importance of human values

human values.

4. Based on the list of activities above, in 25 words or more, describe what you think might be your

“Passion in life”?

My “Passion in life” will be to do something for the poor and needy. I want to earn a lot of money,

so that I can do something for the betterment of humanity. If every person develops this passion

even to some extent, we can make our world a better place.

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