Public Lectures Notes Guidelines

Public Lectures Notes Guidelines

Public Lectures Notes Guidelines

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Public Lectures Notes Guidelines

January 2017

General Notes

Public Lecture Notes are notes taken by each student at a minimum of five Thursday evening lectures

sponsored by the College of Architecture and Design. Students may individually select which of the

several CoAD public lectures they attend.

If you cannot attend the evening public lectures, you may watch and take notes from online video

lectures. A list of these lectures and links will be provided to you.

Public Lecture Schedule

The schedule may be found at the end of the Course Syllabus, on posters in the College of Architecture

and Design, and on the College website. Note that these lectures are distinct from the in-class lectures

presented during regular class times.


Length 200 words minimum

Title Please write the full name of the lecturer and the date of the lecture at the top of your


Student Name Please write your full name at the top of your notes.

Quality Notes must be a carefully written, coherent summary of the lecturer’s most important

idea(s). You include your own questions as part of your notes. You may also add

relevant doodles or sketches inspired by the lecture, if you wish. Drawing is good. But

you still have to write at least 200 words.

Format Word docx format only. Google Drive notes and links will not be accepted.

Font 10 or 12 point Helvetica or Arial regular, please.

Submittal Please submit lecture notes by email by 6:00 p.m. on the Sunday evening

immediately following the Thursday lecture.

BlackBoard Submit all notes by BlackBoard through its Assignment function.

The filename format for your notes is: Last name of lecturer_notes_your last name

Example: Hall_notes_Schwartz

Note If you do not submit your notes as requested, it may be missed, overlooked, or lost, so

please submit the notes exactly as requested here. Notes submitted in any other way

may not be counted toward your grade.


Points Notes may be awarded up to 4 points for each submittal.

Deadline Everyone should have at least five sets of lecture notes submitted by April 13, 2017.

Notes submitted after that date may not be accepted for credit.

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