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Reflective Essay Writing – Online Assignment Help

Reflective Essay Writing – Online Assignment Help

Reflective Essay Writing

Paraphrase the below assignment.

Reflection Paper based on “Tears of Womanhood”

“Tears of Womanhood” is a Nigerian movie which was shown in a Christianity class.

This movie consists of two part. It is about a Christian family that consists of a father, mother,

and two sons. However, the family is exposed to Islam by their servant who is a Muslim women

with her daughter. Therefore, they have the chance to see the maid or the servant worships to her

God in Islamic duties. The whole movie about how the older son who is adopted fall in love with

the servant daughter who is a Muslim girl, and he wants to marry her. Nevertheless, the Christian

father rejects the marriage and discharges the fatherhood for his older son.

My impression about the movie was not clear at the beginning because I could not

understand the story, yet after a while I have the impression of liking the movie and understating

its purpose. What I like about “Tears of Womanhood” is that I was exposed to a very different

culture from my own one. I had the opportunity to see how people in that country dress,

celebrate, dance, etc. Moreover, when I heard that the servant is Muslim, I felt with belonging

because we have the same religion. Yet, I was very upset when the Christian father said that he

did not want her to stay at his home because she might persuade his sons to be Muslims. The

reason why I was upset is that, the father claims that he accept every culture and religion and

even his wife told him that, but he refused worshiping in his house in Islamic duties.

Additionally, I like how the young generation accept every other religion, especially;

when the older son decided to marry the Muslim girl without thinking of his religion. In my

country, which is Saudi Arabia, it is a little bit harder to people to accept the idea of getting

married to someone who is from a different religion even if it is fine to do. At this case, I see

how the Christian father rejected the marriage of the two his son and the Muslim girl, and denied

his fatherhood to his son. In fact, I felt the situation is going to be very similar in Saudi Arabia if

it would happen. It is obvious, that the young generations are more likely to accept those

difference in religions than the older generations.

Furthermore, we can see what I mentioned previously about the acceptance of the

different religions in the young generation when the Christian son married the Muslim girl and

each one still have the same religion. The husband enters the house and pray in his Christian way

and the wife watches that with a happy face. I really like this part of the movie.

To sum up, this movie touched my heart because there are something related to me which

is Islam; it made feel with belonging. And to be clearer, I am not against any other religion, and I

respect them all. Yet, I was upset with the Christian father because he claims something and does

another thing which is the opposite of his claims.

Reflection paper on “Tears of Womanhood”

The Nigerian movie, “Tears of Womanhood” was shown in the Christianity Class and it is

touching movie consisting of two parts. The story is about a Christian family that has a father,

mother and two sons and they have a Muslim servant and her daughter staying with them. This

Muslim woman exposes the family to the principles of Islam and they often see their servant

offer prayers and doing worship in the Islam way. The older son of the family is an adopted son,

and he falls in love with the Muslim woman’s daughter. The boy insists to his father that he

wants to marry him, but the father denies it and even rejects his own son because he cannot

accept his son marrying a Muslim girl.

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