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Reflective Essay Writing Services – Mytutorstore

Reflective Essay Writing Services – Mytutorstore

Reflective Essay Writing Services

Reflection (My information is at the bottom)

In the U.S., a psychologist cannot deny that different cultures (including ethnicity, age, gender,

religion, and sexual affiliation) play a role in personality development.

Consider all you have learned throughout this course as well as how your culture has shaped

your personality development. Use the Internet, Online library resources, and your textbook to

research the effects that cultures can play on personality development. Answer the following


 What aspects of your cultural upbringing have affected your own personality


 Think about a friend who grew up in a different culture—how did their cultural

upbringing and traditions affect their personality development in a way that differed from

your upbringing?

 Considering everything you have learned in this course, how would you now analyze

your own personality? Relate this to the theories of personality development that apply in

your case. How will you use these new competencies in your work and personal life?

Write your initial response in 3–4 paragraphs (1 page). Apply APA standards to citation of

sources, and use vocabulary that reflects your understanding of the concepts covered throughout

the course.

Due Sunday, September 21, 2014

1. I’m African American

2. My friend who grew up in a different culture is Indian, her name is Seema.

3. My personality type according to MTBI is INFJ (Introversion- iNtuition- Feeling-




There are two theoretical perspectives explained by Timothy Church: the cross-cultural trait

psychology approach, which emphasizes on the trait concept and the cultural psychology

approach that does not approve the trait concept, rather it questions the trait concept (Church,

2000). Personally speaking, I do agree that cultural upbringing has an effect on the development

I can give my own example, I am an African American and my beliefs and core values are quite

influenced because of my cultural background. I was brought up in a typical African-centered

environment, and not in a Euro-centered environment, and because of this the African values of

rites and rituals and socialization are inculcated in my personality. I do mix-up with people from

other cultures and have a friendly relation with everyone, but somehow my overall personality is

affected by my cultural upbringing. According to MTBI, my personality trait is INFJ and the

particular traits of judging and introversion can be attributed to my cultural upbringing. I am

open-minded and accept the deviated cultures easily and also I can adopt other cultural practices

and accept them as normal.

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