Research Paper Writing Service – Investigation of a Hospitality-Related Career

Research Paper Writing Service – Investigation of a Hospitality-Related Career

Research Paper Writing Service – Investigation of a Hospitality-Related Career

Research Paper Writing Service

Individual Investigation of a Hospitality-Related Career - (100 points)
The first purpose of this project is for students to investigate a hospitality-related career that he or she is interested in.  Students will use primary and secondary sources to uncover important information about the position and how that role interacts with other members of staff, guests, and vendors. The report will be 8 pages minimum (12 point font, double spaced, 1 inch margin, perfect grammar and spelling) and will include the following:
Cover Page
         (student name, TRD225/McWilliams/Date, Title)
Position Title, Description and Job Duties 
(name of position, overview of the position, specific job duties…search for job descriptions to help you)
Position Requirements & Earning Potential
(specific items including knowledge, skills, experience, personality, abilities, requirements needed to be successful at this position, and information on earning potential in this role and how it may vary according to property or geography)
Interview of Industry Professional in the Position
(using professional demeanor and language, call, email, or better yet, visit a person working in this position and ask 10 questions about his or her career including what his or her career path was to get there, pro’s and con’s of the job, describe how he or she interacts with guests/staff/vendors, advice for someone interested in the field, if he or she had mentorship, future plans, interesting guest stories, salary range [not his or her salary…that’s rude!], and think of your own questions.  Be sure to include name, title, company, phone number, email of the person you interviewed and provide ‘proof’ of your interaction by including email printout, selfie of your visit, or log of your phone call, and both the questions you asked and his or her answers)
Analysis of ‘Fit’…You and This Position
(Now that you’ve obtained this data, is this position a good fit for you…why/why not?  What did you like, what did you not like.  What goals must you set and experience must you gain to prepare for a career in this field, or what position might be a better fit?)
Include all sources used in the paper, including any pictures/graphics you choose to embed (wrap text/tight).  Make sure sources are legitimate and high quality.
You may be asked to share the results of your research and interview with the class as part of your participation points for the session it is due.

Investigation of a Hospitality-Related Career: Event ManagerStudent name




Investigation of a Hospitality-Related Career: Event Manager

Position, Title and Job Duties: Event Manager

An event manager’s position and title is the same- event manager and the main job of the event manager is to organize the production of events from the beginning till the end. These events can be of different types, such as fairs, exhibitions, conferences, award ceremonies, festivals, fundraising and social events, promotional events and launches of products (Event Organizer, n.d.). The event managers can work independently as free lancers or they can work in private and not-for-profit organizations. The role of an event manager is very crucial for the success of any event and the event managers have to work in a team. They should pay attention to details, have excellent communications skills and they have to be masters in management skills. They should work smoothly and efficiently without taking any kind of stress. The job duties of event managers can change according to the events, but most of their duties and responsibilities are : Researching for opportunities for events, finding the details of the event requirements from the clients, preparing proposal plans, managing all the details of the plan including the budget, finding the most appropriate venue, taking care of the legal and insurance part, acting as coordinator between the different departments of catering, designing, and equipment hiring, taking care of the health and safety obligations and the parking issues, booking guests and speakers, organizing the demonstrations, workshops and the entertainment programs, briefing the staff and finding the staff requirements and also fulfilling the requirements, getting sponsors, participating in promotion of the event with an HR team, preparing a brand for the event, having back up plans and taking care that everything runs smoothly, clearing the venue after the events and evaluating the event after its completion (Event Organizer, n.d.).

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