Research Paper

Research Paper

Research Paper

Research Paper #1 Criteria: The Tempest

The paper should be five to seven pages long.

1. Follow exactly the format rules from the first paper. Use an academic title (e.g., “Without Them, He’s but a Sot: Prospero’s Books and the Measure of Intelligence in The Tempest”).

2. Choose a theme, metaphor, image, or other very specific topic from the play and demonstrate significant research on that subject throughout the paper. Use research that branches out to your theme and isn’t only about your specific subject.

3. Have a clear thesis in the first paragraph, supported by an argument of more than three points. A good way to handle development in a paper like this is to build each point around a passage or set of passages that cover a topic relevant to the main topic. In each section, develop your argument. Mix scholarship with primary text work to cover that topic.

4. Look specifically at the language in at least one passage, emphasizing the significance of words and/or phrases to the way the character is addressing your subject. Shakespeare’s word choice should be under analysis directly at some point in your paper.

5. Cite any reference to the text or to scholarship, whether quoted or paraphrased, in parentheses at the end of the sentence, and with a clear bibliography of every source used.

6. Avoid evaluation and summary. Only cover what is relevant to the point you’re making.

10. Paragraphing will be under scrutiny, as well as the typical critique of your grammar and mechanics.

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