Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats

Norah Boubshait 
Six Thinking Hats


I am pursuing my graduation in United States. I have three children, all below the age of 8 years. And I’m planning to go back to Saudi Arabia after my graduation, and therefore I would have to start looking for schools from now on. The schools there start by February, I would have to finalize the most suitable school for my kids before that.

White Hat:

  1. I need to move back to Saudi Arabia as soon as I finish my graduation in United States with my three children.
  2. Two of my children are going to school now in United States, the elder one is in Second Grade and the younger one is in First Grade and my third child is 18 months old, so he will also need to join school in near future.
  3. I want a school where all my three children can go together so that I can assure their safety at once.
  4. The schools in Saudi Arabia will commence at the beginning of February and therefore there is very less time left to look into the prospective schools and find out which school will be best for my children.

Red Hat:

  1. Changing school and leaving the place would be difficult for my children as they are very comfortable here and have many friends too.
  2. Moving back to Saudi Arabia is what needs to be done after my graduation so that I can live near my family and return back to my life there, as I am very attached to that place.
  3. It would be necessary therefore, to find a school that is at power with the school in United States so that I don’t end up doing injustice with my children and their education.
  4. My family in Saudi Arabia is very excited about this whole thing and is waiting to see me move back with my children as soon as possible.

Black Hat:

  1. I am a little skeptical about finding the right school as nobody can really know about how the school actually is before studying there and dealing with the teachers themselves.
  2. The education system in Saudi Arabia is more stringent than in United States and it can make my children lose interest in studies.
  3. If I stay back in United States I can go for post graduation and build a CV that would in future help me in getting a better job than now.
  4. In Saudi Arabia it is possible that I don’t get a very suitable job and have to return to United States and then moving the children back would be very cumbersome.


Yellow Hat:

  1. There are many international schools in Saudi Arabia that offers a very diverse curriculum and are co-educational along with providing excellent education for children.
  2. Private educational system in Saudi Arabia supports the government education system and is a very important element of this system at all the levels and therefore, the standard of the Government education system is also very good there.
  3. The culture of Saudi Arabia is very important for me and hence, it would be good for my children to go there and learn it.
  4. I do have a lot of contacts in Saudi Arabia and my connections are also vast, if I don’t get a job then I can use these to get a job that can help me earn enough money.

Green Hat:

  1. I can start looking for good jobs too along with the school for my children from now on so that I can start a stable life as soon as I get there.
  2. I should plan this shift in a step-by-step way so that I can come to a solution that helps my children to have a smooth transition and understand why this transition was necessary.
  3. For finding the suitable school, I can start with searching online for a school that fits best with my needs and then one by one analyze each school and find the school I need.
  4. As the schools would commence from February, I can start applying online to the schools that fit into all the necessary parameters.

Blue Hat:

  1. I believe that it would not be that difficult to reach to the best and most effective solution after analyzing all the options and looking at their merits and demerits.
  2. My children are very friendly in general and if they get the opportunity to stay in the right environment that helps them learn effectively then they would adjust soon and make many friends.
  3. Moving to Saudi Arabia would help me figure out what my next steps in life should be and which job is the best suitable for me or if I need to further study.
  4. Staying close to the family would have many benefits; it would provide a support system for my children and me and keep us close to our cultural values.

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