SMOG Assessment

SMOG Assessment

SMOG Assessment


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SMOG Assessment

15points possible



When distributing written information to the public, it is critical to ensure that the information can be sufficiently understood by as many people as possible.  Assessing your written information in terms of reading level can be an important tool to make sure that your message is received by people of varying educational levels.  A SMOG (Simple Measure of Gobbledygook) assessment is just one way to accomplish this.



Students will determine the reading level of a pamphlet or articleof their choosing.  A one to two page assessment using the SMOG formula must be submitted.


Formatting, etc.

  • Title page: Assignment must include a properly formatted title page with your name, date, course title and instructor
  • Font, Spacing, etc.: Papers must adhere to the following specifications:
    1. Times New Roman font
    2. 12-point
    3. Double-spaced (not “multiple”)
    4. 1” margins on all four sides
  • Length: SMOG assessment must be one to two pages in length (not including title page)
  • Submission: The correct document must be typed and properlysubmitted as an attachment to the correct assignment folder in Blackboard by the deadline listed above.

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