Sociology Assignment Help – Sociological Causes of Crime

Sociology Assignment Help – Sociological Causes of Crime

Sociology Assignment Help – Sociological Causes of Crime

Sociology Assignment Help

Sociological Causes of Crime

Natalie will be one of the first in her family to earn a

college degree. She is determined to earn her

bachelor’s degree in psychology and then possibly go

on to a master’s degree, or even a doctorate.

However, these dreams need to deal with reality. She

has two children to raise on her own, and has to stay

active with work as well as her children’s lives. She is

proud of her accomplishments and hopes that her

children will go as far, if not further with their


Natalie’s two brothers did not seem to have the same

chances. Her oldest brother seems to have the most

difficult time. He was always angry as a teenager and

got suspended from school on a number of occasions

due to fights. Once, he got into an altercation with a

teacher and hit the teacher pretty hard; he was

expelled from school. He took his GED at a boys’ boot

camp run by the sheriff’s office. When he was released

at the age of eighteen, he had a difficult time landing a

job and worked on and off as a day laborer. He was

later arrested for stealing tools from a construction

site and sent back to jail. This only seemed to increase

his anger towards everyone. Natalie stopped visiting

him and now keeps in touch sporadically. The last she

heard, he was working odd jobs and relying on alcohol

and drugs.

Natalie wonders why her brother has turned out so

different. Of course, they all had the same childhood,

and their father was an abusive alcoholic. But all the

more reason, she thought, her brothers would choose

a different path. She wondered if they had the same

choices as she did. Did being a male make life harder?

She always thought men had it easier in life. She

wondered if her brothers were to blame for their

decisions and life choices, or if they ever had a real

choice at all. She felt frustrated that, with all her

psychology courses, she still could not tell why her

brothers turned out so differently.

Research theories related to gender and crime using the textbook, online library resources, and

the Internet. Identify scholarly, peer-reviewed sources for use in this assignment.

Based on the scenario, your readings and research, respond to the following:

 Select at least two different, contemporary theories that would apply to the case.

 Employ the theories to explain why Natalie and her brothers have chosen different paths

in life.

Give reasons in support of your responses.

Write your initial response in 4–6 paragraphs (1 page, no double space). Apply APA standards to

citation of sources.

Due Saturday, October 11, 201


Sociological Causes of Crime

The case of Natalie and her brothers can be explained with the help of two theories: General

Strain theory and Differential Opportunity and Delinquency theory. These theories can help

Natalie to understand the reasons behind her brothers turning out differently than her. They can

also explain to some extent why Natalie did not become a delinquent like her brothers and could

escape successfully from the clutches of the shadow of her abusive alcoholic father unlike her

brothers who could not escape the impact of the strain of an abusive alcoholic father.

General Strain theory by Robert Agnew is an expansion of Merton’s Anomie theory. This theory

suggests that strain usually leads to negative emotions. These negative emotions may become the

cause of delinquency (Conklin, 2010). It cannot be denied that Natalie’s brothers may have faced

some kind of strain during their childhood years because of their abusive alcoholic father and

this may have developed negative feelings in them. This could be the reason that Natalie’s oldest

brother could not tolerate the dominance of his teacher and reacted wildly. The theory proposes

that negative emotions also develop feelings of anger and a necessity to develop a coping

mechanism in order to relax (Strain Theories, 2010). Natalie’s brother faced the abuse of his

father, and then he also had to face unemployment and frequent arrests due to his criminal

activities. All these increased his anger and resentment and may have led to his violent reaction

and his coping mechanism was to turn to find relaxation in alcohol and drugs.

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