Symposium on Crime: Correctional Institutions in Indiana

Symposium on Crime: Correctional Institutions in Indiana

Symposium on Crime: Correctional Institutions in Indiana

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Symposium on Crime: Correctional Institutions in Indiana

Robinson Correctional Center

Instructions: This assignment is specific for those individuals who are not attending the

Robinson Correctional Center tour. You must answer the five questions below using the

academic and/or scholarly resources. Be sure to cite your material using APA 6 th edition. Your

responses are to be typed and uploaded to the blackboard link provided. You may work as a

group on your answers but your responses should be in your own words. If you submit the same

response as another student, you will receive a grade of 0 for the assignment and you will not be

able to resubmit the work—no questions asked. I will not accept any late assignments—no

exceptions. Your responses are due on Friday June 7 by 12:30 pm. The point values are listed

with each question. The assignment is worth a total of 50 points.

1. Using the Indiana Department of Correction and the Illinois Department of Corrections

web pages, use the Robinson Correctional Center and one minimum security adult

facility. Compare and contrast how it appears minimum security prisons differ between

these two states. In general how does a minimum security level prison differ from a

maximum level security prison? (10 points)

2. Using the article written by Hensley, Rutland and Gray-Ray (2000) on conjugal visits

answer the following questions: What are conjugal visits? What the benefits to the

inmates and the institutions for maintaining a conjugal visitation program behind bars?

Should the state of Indiana implement a conjugal visitation program for its inmates? Why

or why not? (20 points)

3. Choose one program offered at Robinson Correctional Center (This program must be

different than the program you reviewed for Putnamville, the Indiana Women’s Prison,

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, or IREFif you did the Alternative Assignment).

Find two academic scholarly resources and develop an argument as to why and what

extent this program may or may not reduce recidivism. (20 points)

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