The White Tiger

The White Tiger

The White Tiger

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For this assignment, you must write a coherent, grammatically correct character analysis essay (750-1000 words) of a character from the novel The White Tiger using the guidelines in Chapter 4 of your textbook, Writing About Literature, 13th edition. Specifically, you will write a character analysis where you will explain how the author uses a literary device to develop the main character, and you will use your argument to offer a critical interpretation of the novel (what you think it means). You must also synthesize at least one additional academic source into the paper.
Due Tuesday, December 6th, by midnight via Blackboard

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         Rhetorical Situation
The novel is the type of long-form prose that emphasizes character development. The central defining aspect that distinguishes it from other types of fiction is the novel deals with a human character in a social situation, man as a social being. Consequently, the novel emphasizes character--especially one well-rounded character (the protagonist)--rather than on plot (which is what the short story does).For this assignment, you will write a character analysis of The White Tigerby Aravind Adiga. Specifically, you will talk about literary devices Adiiga uses in the novel to shape the protagonist, Balram Halwai. You must follow the instructions provided by Roberts in Chapter 4 of your textbook, Writing About Literature, 13th edition. If you don't use Roberts, your grade will be penalized.
To complete your assignment

  • Complete the Character Analysis Questions handout and submit it in class on the due date.
  • Follow the guidelines in the Roberts' chapter, pages 89-90 under the section called "Organize your Essay About Character." Make sure you use one of the 4 approaches for developing your body paragraphs listed there.
  • Submit your paper online via the due date.

Your paper should

  • Include a thesis that announces your reading of the text and forecasts your interpretation
  • Evaluate and analyze, not judge or offer opinions (this isn’t about how you feel about a piece, it’s about how you think it works and why)
  • Provide an appropriately concise rhetorical context that helps your intended readers understand the issue or subject discussed in the text.
  • Include quotations and examples from the text and the two academic sources you’ve researched that support the claims you make in your analysis of the text. Your quotations should be cohesive; in other words, remember that whenever you use quotations, you are using them to support what YOU are saying. Don’t just plop them into your paragraphs—introduce them so they fit with the flow of your own thoughts and voice.
  • Include a conclusion where you explain how the literary device you’re analyzing leads to an overall interpretation of the work’s meaning.
  • Follow MLA format for the heading, format, pagination, internal documentation, and Works Cited. If you don’t know exactly how to do this, go to theLecture Notes link on the course Blackboard page and download the PowerPoint lecture titled “MLA Formatting Instructions.”
  • Be written in academic voice (Avoid first person: me, I, our, we. Do not use second person: you, your).
  • Refer to an author by his or her whole name when you first introduce and then only by last name. For example, don’t write, “According to Willie…” unless “Willie” is the author’s last name.
  • I've already said this above but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WORKS CITED PAGE. Any papers NOT written in MLA format or missing a Works Cited page will receive an automatic 20 point deduction.

         MLA Format
As noted above, your paper should use MLA format. If you don’t know exactly how to do this, go to the Lecture Notes link on the course Blackboard page and download the PowerPoint lecture titled “MLA Formatting Instructions.” It should be:

  • Standard 8 ½ x 11 format with black ink
  • Double-spaced, with 1” margins, 12 pt font (Times New Roman)
  • Include an MLA-style heading on the first page
  • Include your name and page number in the right-side header on each page after the first
  • Include an MLA-style Works Cited page that appears at the end of the paper and is formatted correctly

For additional information about MLA format, consult a writing handbook, or visit the Purdue OWL online at Help?
The University Writing and Learning Center ( The WLC is located in the Administration Building, Room 206. Call (210) 283-6326 or email to make an appointment.

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