TMGT 361-Assignment VII DInstructions

TMGT 361-Assignment VII DInstructions

TMGT 361-Assignment VII DInstructions

TMGT 361

Assignment VII DInstructions

See the general assignment instructions for information about the quality and quantity expectations and evaluation criteria.

  • SPC & statistics. You can collect and use your own data instead of the data sets provided by the instructor for the unit VII assignments. Note that there are 4 assignments based on unit VII but only one quiz.


VII D. Design a full-factorial experiment. Use one response and at least 2 factors, each factor with at least 2 levels.

  1. Describe the response and factor variables (e.g., what type of data are they, what are their levels or value ranges).
  2. What is the unit of observation?
  3. Describe the population, the sampling technique (how will you ensure random selection of units), and the sample and cell (treatment combinations) sizes.
  4. Will you have replications or repetitions?
  5. Are there any blocking factors?
  6. Graphically show the design and explain it (similar to pages VII 81-86).
  7. How will you ensure random assignment of units to the treatment groups?
  8. How will you ensure random order of experimental runs?
  9. What are the environmental or noise factors?


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