Training Applications – Kinaxis Chooses Sales Reps with Personality

Training Applications – Kinaxis Chooses Sales Reps with Personality

Training Applications – Kinaxis Chooses Sales Reps with Personality

1- Read chapter 7, when writing please focus more in point 3

In other worlds-

  1. Describe how topics and cases make sense to you.
  2. Apply the topic to your own experiences.
  3. Set a goal for your skill development in the topic area.  , why did you choose this goal, allocate a time frame to evaluate the outcomes of your plan if you plan matched with your goal, what things showed you that your goal has been accomplished

The grade assigned to each assignment will reflect your degree of reflection and thoughtfulness and how you have been able to apply it to your life.

2-  read the attached word file and answer the question

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Kinaxis Chooses Sales Reps with Personality

Kinaxis is a software company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, that sells to clients around the

world. Its specialty is software for supply chain managementall the processes and relationships

through which companies obtain supplies as needed and get their products to customers on time

and at minimal cost. This is a sophisticated type of product, tailored to a company's specific needs.

Therefore, Kinaxis depends on salespeople who understand how businesses work, who listen

carefully to identify needs, and who provide excellent customer service to maintain long-term

business relationships.

Recently, Bob Dolan, vice president for sales at Kinaxis, needed to hire a sales team to serve clients

in North America. The company had just one salesperson serving the continent, and Dolan wanted

to add four more. He received about 100 rsums and wanted to select from these. He started by

reviewing the rsums against job requirements and selected 20 candidates for a first round of

interviews. The interview process helped Dolan cut the list of candidates in half, so he needed

another way to narrow his options.

Dolan decided his next step would be personality testing. He hired a firm called Opus Productivity

Solutions to administer a test called PDP ProScan to the remaining 10 candidates. In addition, Dolan

himself took the test and had his current sales rep do the same. The existing salesperson was doing

an excellent job, so the results of his test could help Dolan and Opus pinpoint the characteristics of

someone likely to succeed in sales at Kinaxis. Based an analysis of all the results, Opus created a

benchmark of traits associated with success in the job.

Representatives from Opus also discussed the test results with each candidate, giving each one a

chance to disagree with the scores. No one did. Dolan observed that all the candidates scored high

in assertiveness and extroversionnot surprising for people in sales. In addition, two of them scored

above the benchmark in conformity and below the benchmark in dominance. Those results

suggested to Dolan that these candidates might be so eager to please that they would be quick to

give in to whatever customers requesteda pattern that could become costly for the company. Dolan

eliminated those two candidates.

That meant Dolan still had eight candidates to fill four positions. He asked each one to give him the

names of major accounts he or she had signed up in the previous two years. Four candidates were

able to come up with three or four large clients. Those were the candidates Dolan hired.

Since then, Dolan says his experience with personality testing has only reinforced his belief that this

selection method helps Kinaxis identify the best candidates. For example, one sales rep had scored

low on "pace," indicating that the individual might lack the patience needed for the slow cycles

required to close a sale of a complex software system. Dolan hoped the issue could be overcome if

he provided enough coaching, but in fact, the sales rep sometimes behaved impatiently, annoying

prospects. After three years of trying to help him grow into the job, Dolan laid him off.

The company's commitment to careful selection is expressed on its website: "As a growing and

determined company, we're always looking for people eager to push the limits each day of what's

possible." Kinaxis was recently named one of Canada's top employers for young people.


1. What selection methods did Bob Dolan use for hiring salespeople? Did he go about using these

methods in the best order? What, if anything, would you change about the order of the methods


2. What were the advantages to Kinaxis of using personality tests to help select sales

representatives? What were the disadvantages?

3. Given the information gathered from the selection methods, what process did Dolan use to make

his selection decision? What improvements can you recommend to this process for decisions to

hire sales reps in the future?


Employee orientation and diversity management have become important aspects of the training

applications in the US companies. Orientation is essential to help the new employees understand about

the company and to get an idea about the new workplace, their responsibilities and also their work



I have undergone orientation twice at my previous workplaces. When I first joined as a trainee in Dr

Pepper, I was taken through a training program that helped me to understand the history of the

company, the procedures, policies, practices of the company, and also my responsibilities. It was an on-

job-training program that lasted for 15 days and there were 20 trainees along with me.


My short term goal is to join a renowned company and work as an HR manager. The time I can assign for

this goal is 5 years and I would also like to develop my leadership and communication skills. I would take

three years time to develop communication and leadership skills by working as a trainee.


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