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Tutors Online Assignment Help – Discussion Question

Tutors Online Assignment Help – Discussion Question

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Discussion Question

Latisha and Earl have been dating for almost a year. But Latisha is having second thoughts about the

relationship. For some time she has been feeling that she is taking more responsibility than Earl in

keeping the relationship going. Whenever Earl has a hangover from partying too much the night before,

she always calls in sick for him or runs to the store to get what he wants. He treats her poorly most of

the time, yet she still is reluctant to get out of this relationship.

If Latisha asked your opinion of why she is so emotionally “connected” to Earl, what would you tell her

on the basis of what you have learned about emotional dependency and family relationships?

Use APA references from scholarly sources and Lecture notes.

P.S. Dear Tutor, please take extra care to write originally and quote sources if appropriate. This teacher

is ACCESSIVE with plagiarism and has penalized me severely for my past big assignment that I did last


This is what she wrote on the Course announcement after grading my paper.

“Regarding the use of quotations: Quotations presented in APA format (with quotation marks and

citations, or if over 40 words as an APA Format block quotation) are fine. However, please be sparing in

the use of direct quotation in your writing. The majority of any given assignment should be in your

words, with citations where necessary. Quotations should be used if, and only if, it is completely

unavoidable, if putting the sentence into your own words would effect the power or sentiment of the

statement. For example:

Some colonists felt that they would rather die than live under English rule (Henry, 1775).

is much less powerful than

"Give me liberty, or give me death" (Henry, 1775).

In this case, the quotation is preferable. However, this is a rare case. In general, it is preferable that you

put things into your own words and cite, than present direct quotation after direct quotation. No more

than 10% of a given submission can be directly quoted per the rules of scholarly writing.

Just a reminder that APA style citations and references are required on ALL assignments (regardless of

their creative nature). This includes discussion responses and replies, papers, handouts, brochures,

articles, movie analyses, PowerPoint presentations, and any other format of assignment not included

herein. Citations and references MUST be present, there are NO exceptions to this rule.”


Discussion Question

Looking at Latisha’s condition, one can assume that she is emotionally connected to Earl

because she has become emotionally dependent on him. She needs him in her life and this could

be the reason that she is able to bear his poor treatment and take more responsibility than Earl to

keep the relationship stronger. The truth is that both the partners should try their best to build

their relationship and then only they can enjoy the benefits of the relationship, and they can

move towards the next stage of their relationship. I will tell Latisha that she is feeling so

“emotionally” connected to Earl because of her emotional dependence and this kind of emotional

codependence is more common in American women according to different studies (Hughes-

Hammer, Martsolf, &  Zeller, 1998).

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