Write My Essay Reviews – Sanchez Family and Carla Washburn

Write My Essay Reviews – Sanchez Family and Carla Washburn

Write My Essay Reviews – Sanchez Family and Carla Washburn

Write My Essay Reviews - Sanchez Family and Carla Washburn

My Research Paper Topic     for net eassy       (due 03/07/2014 before 9pm az time)


Narrow and Submit the Focus of Your Research Topic

Review the individuals represented in the case study for the Sanchez Family and Carla Washburn. Select the individual about whose issue and life stage you would be most interested in writing. This will become the focus of your research and ultimately, your research paper for our class.

IMPORTANT: This assignment will not be submitted in essay form. Instead, simply list the questions below by number and content, and list your answers.

Submit your responses to the following questions to respond to this Discussion Board and complete this assignment.  You will be given up to 2 points for each of these, an additional 2 points for grammar, spelling and for demonstrating that you put effort into this. Total points possible is 12. You need to answer the following questons and post in the discussion board:
1) Name of case study (Sanchez Family or Carla Washburn)
2) Name of individual you’ve selected
3) Select the appropriate developmental stage from the following list to represent the individual you've selected: pre-pregnancy and prenatal, infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood, or late adulthood. (See Rogers Chapters 6-12 to review information about which developmental stage your individual represents.)
4) Identify the specific issue by which your individual is challenged
5) Considering what you learned by watching the tutorial, Finding Research Topics, write a working title that would guide your research and writing.

For example, if you have selected Emilia from the Sanchez Family, your working title might be, The Impact of Substance Abuse and Addiction in Child Welfare and Family Reunification. Another option might be, Addiction and Family Intervention with Substance Abusing Adults. Be sure to narrow your scope sufficiently to insure that you can cover the topic, but make sure it is broad enough to successfully complete the requirements of the research paper

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