Write My Paper – Flying: an Interesting Phenomenon

Write My Paper – Flying: an Interesting Phenomenon

Write My Paper – Flying: an Interesting Phenomenon

Write My Paper  - Flying: an Interesting Phenomenon

I would like you to write a paper for me

For a dinosaur class that to be turned in tonight before 12:00 a.m and here is the requirements :

You may think of the formal writing assignment as a mini term paper (5-7 pages) based on the preparation for your second class presentation.

If you have done a thorough job preparing your second presentation, you may not need to conduct any additional research for this paper.  After you have gathered and read your materials, select a thesis -- a point that you want to make that gives your paper direction and interest. Outline your argument and supporting evidence.  You are now ready to construct the paper.

Parts of the paper:

  • The introduction (usually a paragraph) gives an overview of the thesis and its significance.
  • The background gives appropriate context for the issue and its importance.Often this is a review of previous ideas and studies.
  • The body of the paper builds your argument.
  • The conclusion returns to your thesis statement and sometimes speculates on further implications.
  • Cite and list references you have used in the APA or equivalent style.

Flying: an Interesting Phenomenon

Birds fly, yes, it is true. Birds can fly, but how did they learn flying? Did they possess the ability to fly, or they learned to fly in a gradual and systematic manner? Many scientists have tried to understand this phenomenon and have given many theories to explain how birds learned to fly. The example of different dinosaurs has been used by scientists and researchers to analyze the concept of flying. A simple paper activity can help the students to analyze the phenomenon of flying, and the Cursorial theory and Arboreal theory can help students to further understand the concept of flying. Archaeopteryx is one of the earliest birds and it has been studied extensively to interpret the concept of flying. Flying is one of the most interesting phenomena and different theories and the examples of dinosaurs have been studied to explain this special Before understanding the theories and studying the dinosaurs, it is advisable to understand the concept of flying. A simple paper activity can be performed to make a complete sense of this curious concept. Make a few paper wings and keep them aside. Take a paper wing and blow on its top, when we blow above the wing, the air pressure above the wing comes down and the air pressure below the wings increases. The combination of low pressure above the wings and high pressure under wings creates a lift and the paper wing will start flying. The only drawback of this activity is that we can make the paper wings fly for a short duration only and they cannot go very high in air. What about birds? How do they fly so high and for continuous long hours? Who blows wind for them above their wings? In order to analyze the concept of flying, the scientists concentrated on the earliest dinosaur, Archaeopteryx.

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