Write My Research Paper – Solar flare

Write My Research Paper – Solar flare

Write My Research Paper – Solar flare

Write My Research Paper - Solar flare

I want you to do research paper 3 Pages and double Space on this topic -Solar flare  -
This for class environment.

Sun Flares

Our sun is a source of heat, light and energy, its presence is necessary for life on earth. In the ancient times we even worshipped it as a God, because it is a powerhouse of energy that is incomprehensible to us. Presently, we are trying to study the sun scientifically, and through research and observation we are able to solve, to some extent, the mystery of this shinning globe of light that is a normal part of our everyday life. We understand that the sun is a molten mass of energy, and occasionally this energy burst in the form of flares, known as solar flares. Scientists have studied solar flares, defined them, tried to understand what they are made of and the reason why they occur.

According to the research carried on so far, solar flares are energy radiations that burst from the surface of the sun, during high solar activity; however, the scientists have not been able to find the reason for solar flares, but have tried to analyze the effect they have on the atmosphere of earth. A nineteenth century scientist, named Richard Carrington, first observed the solar flares on September 1, 1859, using filters and described them as powerful ‘white light flare’. Richard Hodgson, an independent observer also reported that he saw a flare on the same date. Scientists have continued to study solar flares, by radio observations during the Second World War (1942) and more recently through space telescope, and solved the mystery of its composition to some extent. However, they still searching for the reason why solar flares occur. They know that Solar flares erupt on the Corona, the top layer of

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