Writing a Response Paper – Help for USA Students

Writing a Response Paper – Help for USA Students

Writing a Response Paper – Help for USA Students

Writing a Response Paper

The article describes a number of challenges in our mental health care system, including a shortage of mental health care professionals and other barriers to receiving treatment.  Describe your response to this article, including Regina Cullison’s situation.  What is most surprising or interesting to you from the reading?  Your reaction paper should be at least 1 page in length.  Submit your paper at the link below.  This paper is due by midnight on Monday, January 18.

Reaction Papers

 In order to learn information at a deeper level, it is important to critically reflect on that information.  You will be asked to write 4 reaction papers over assigned readings where you think critically about the information and relate it to other course material.  Each reaction paper should be 1 page in length.  All papers should use 12-point font and double-spacing.  Reaction papers will be turned in via Blackboard, and information about the assigned readings for these papers can also be found in Blackboard under “Assigned Readings.”

I really had grand ideas about the medical profession, and particularly about psychiatry. I felt that a psychiatrist can earn loads of money and it is a lucrative profession. I never had any idea about the problems of insurance being faced by the clients and the counselors in this particular field, but after the reading the article I was shocked, surprised and sad. The story of Regina Cullison is heartbreaking and the worse part is that she committed suicide because she could not get proper psychiatric help at the right time (Fields & Dooren, 2013). It is possible that if she had been given help at the right time by an expert she would have survived. There are other patients facing similar problems like Ms. Cullison and what will happen if they are also forced to commit suicide? Who will be blamed for these suicides and who is the guilty party here?

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