Writing Services – Expression of Emotions

Writing Services – Expression of Emotions

Writing Services – Expression of Emotions

Discussion—Expression of Emotions

The psychology of gender can be significantly influenced by interpersonal interactions and environment.

You often learn to communicate emotionally from the people around you and the expected social norms

in your community.

In this assignment, you will explore your own emotional development and how it has supported your

gender expression. You will also learn how expression of emotions has an impact on relationships.

Using the module readings, online library resources, and the Internet, research emotional development

and gender expression.

Respond to the following:

 Explain how the expression of emotion has affected your ability to have successful personal and

professional relationships.

 Describe what or who has influenced your ability to express emotions successfully.

 Describe in which areas of your life you have struggled to communicate emotion. Describe what

or who has contributed to the development of these challenges.

Be sure to provide personal examples and experiences along with research in support of your responses.

Write your initial response in 300–400 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Due Saturday, May 2, 2015

Expression of Emotions

The expression of emotions has positively affected my ability to have personal and

professional relationships. I usually take care of one thing whenever I express my emotions in

the home atmosphere or in the work place; I keep myself in control. I think before hand what

will be the effect or impact of my emotional expression. This has proven helpful for me in many

ways to maintain my calm even in stressful situations. I always keep a smile on my face even if I

am not in a happy mood and I have found that my smile always makes others smile so this way it

helps to have a cordial atmosphere at home or at the work place. I think I owe this to my high

emotional intelligence, which helps me to estimate my emotional state as well as the emotional

state of others and this helps me to form healthier relations with people (Segal & Smith, 2015).

In the module, while reading the Harlow experiment I realized that mothers and peers

definitely play an important role in the emotional development (Module Reading). In my life too,

my mother, my father and my sisters have played a great role in expressing my emotions

successfully. It is their influence that has helped me to deal with the difficult situations in life.

I can’t recall any area of my life where I may have really struggled to communicate

emotion. Sometimes may be with my superiors it becomes difficult for me communicate

emotion, but overall in life I have always been sure about communicating my emotion and I

would repeat that I do have high emotional intelligence.

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