Writing Services – Values: Significance of People and Events

Writing Services – Values: Significance of People and Events

Writing Services – Values: Significance of People and Events

Writing Services

SOWK 130 Fall 2014: Values Paper

____ / 5% Introduction – There was a clear presentation of what will

be discussed in paper.

____ /45% Outline of your life – A history of your life, including: 2

significant events and 2 people which influenced your

values; description of your personal values and life goals.

____ /35% Career/Profession – Detailed description: Aspects of your

personality and characteristics that will 1) help and 2) hinder

you as a generalist social work practitioner.

___ / 5% Summary – Concepts discussed in paper are summarized

with final conclusion.

___ / 10% APA, Spelling, & Grammar – Paper reflected APA style of

writing. Paper edited for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Minimum five (5) full pages in length.

___ / 100%

Values: Significance of People and Events

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Values: Significance of People and Events

In our life some people and some moments leave a deep impact. The effect of the people

and moments can last for a lifetime and these people and moments may also change the way we

visualize the world and also impact our social values. Two people who had a great impact on me

are my mother and father and two events that have a significant value in my life are becoming a

mother and dealing with the problems of my children. My father and mother have taught me to

become a good mother and they have also taught me to deal with the problems of my children.

Dealing with the problems of my children is a continuous event and every problem in their lives

teaches me a new value. I have learned many values from my father and mother and because of

the impact of the significant events of my life, such as I have learned the value of service and

doing good for people, I have realized that integrity is important in life, I have become aware of

the importance of human relations, I have recognized the necessity of social change in life and I

have understood the importance of being competent. Significant people and significant events

are kind of guiding stars that help us in the development of social values, which may help us to

The two people who have played a significant role in my life and have made a deep

impact on me are my father and my mother. My father always taught me that even if I am a girl I

should never think that I am lesser than any man. I should study well and aim high. It is because

of him that I am pursuing my higher studies and I want to do something in the field of social

work. He also stood beside me in my difficult times and helped me to cope up with the small and

big difficulties in my life. I never felt alone or scared when I was with him and even today I

boldly face all the difficulties of my life because of the inner strength he has given me. I owe a

lot to my father and more than him I think I owe to my mother.

She is a pretty lady and she knows everything about household duties. She is also deeply

religious and pious. I have learned the art of doing the household work in the easiest way from

her. She never used to feel tired after the day’s work and she used to take care of the entire

family. She always welcomed relatives and friends and there was always enough food on the

table for everyone. I just do not understand even today from where she used to derive so much

energy and strength to work for the whole day. For my mother, human relationships were the

most important, and I learned the value of importance of human relationships from my mother.

She also used to give a lot of money and clothes in charity. In fact, I think my father was such a

strong person just because of my mother’s kind and firm support. I still recall that they never

fought with each other and they used to solve all their problems with great ease and

understanding. I have developed the same relation with my husband because I know that human

relationships are important and if the relationship between a wife and husband is strong than the

family will be happy and prosperous.

Thanks to my mother’s caring and sharing ways, I have thoroughly enjoyed the event of

becoming a mother. Motherhood has brought great changes in me. I am no longer selfish and

concerned about my own self. I can work as hard as my mother now just because of my

motherhood. I know about the smallest needs of my children and I try to do as much as possible

for them so that they do not suffer in any way.

Through my children I have learned the values of competence, integrity and social

justice. While dealing with their day to day problems, I have come across many circumstances

when I have to check if they had done something wrong. When I teach them moral values of

social justice and integrity, I too learn many lessons and values in the process of teaching them. I

know that if I do not believe in the virtues of social justice and integrity my children will not be

able to believe in them, so it is always good to practice before we preach something. I have

observed that children love to compete and sometimes they compete just for the sake of it. I

believe that even I used to compete simple for the sake of competition, but now while dealing

with the issues faced by my children I have learned that we should develop competence before

competing and competence alone can help to solve many issues. This core value of competence

has directed me towards the course in social work because I know that a social worker should

develop and improve his or her professional expertise and work hard within their areas of

competence (NASW Code of Ethics, n.d.).

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